Independence Issue of Lado in Sudan Central Africa .

It is from 1947 till today that Lado Independence Issue is being waved off , yet leaving Lado people being killed and left wondering as Refugees in the whole Region of Central Africa .The issue of Lado in Sudan Central Africa is the Key to the Wars going on in the Countries described by the World body as the WARS in the Great Lakes –  Rift Valley States of Africa .

Futhermore to say :

Many times from 1947 , the Lado Petition to the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly is not being attended to till todate , but only ignored , yet Lado remains still an Occupied State as in the Lado History already exposed and writen hereby in the Sandbox one can open to read . Day in , Day out Lado people are dying being killed and many left wondering on their own Land Areas as Displaced Persons and as Refugees in other Countries .  The Lado as an ISSUE  is being hidden as the War Affairs Issues to deal with in Africa under the Cover-up of the Wars in the Great Lakes – Rift Valley Issues in the East and Central Africa . But the whole War Issue is over the Occupation of the former Lado Kingdom in the Sudan Central Africa anyway mainly by using the Neigbouring Countries : Uganda , Congo and the two Sudan Country States of North and South Sudan and Rwanda in Central Africa . Lado has ever asked its Independence and Freedom Issues from Great Britain and Belgium who still from 1947 are the Occupiers of Lado . The U.N Secretary in his Capacity must Act for Lado’s Independence and freedom please by  the Articles 1 , 51 , and 73 of the UN Charter of 26 June 1945 and Berlin Treaty of 26 February 1885 including the UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 ( XV ) of 14 December 1960 for the Decolonisation of Lado State . 

Hereby is the THE POLITICAL AND DIPLOMATIC HISTORY OF LADO to read of please for you to sign this required Petition for Lado please .  Click or browse in to open to read using the google engine search for the topic please :

Sign on the Petition Site Page hereby given on the website for Lado Independence and make Lado for Public INFORMATIONS please :



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