Decolonisation Issue of the Kingdom State of Lado in Africa Since from 1871 when Lado was invaded and Occupied by the Joint Forces of the Ottoman Empire , Europe and  America – ( USA ).

Given underneath  are the Designed Political and Diplomatic Historical Maps and Flags of Lado till todate 3000 a.d which were used and are still representing Belgium and Great Britain Occupation of / over Lado Kingdom / or ” KAARI ” of Lado .

1 )   Colonial Flag and Court of Arm of Belgium’s over Lado /  Lado Enclave  –  (1894 -1903 ) . Lado  ” The Lado Enclave ” was occupied by the Belgian Congo between 1887 and 1910 and stamps of the Belgian Congo were used in this province.

Campaign Mail from Border Areas and inside Lado ” The Lado Enclave ” .

Mail from Uganda , the Belgian Congo and French Congo was routed via the Nile and Khartoum during the early part of the 20th century across and inside Lado . Such items often were having  Sudanese stamps affixed to pay the additional postage through the Sudan  State – ” The  Anglo / Egyptian Sudan by then ” . Lado was  a special Occupied Area / Territory Country under  King Leopold of Belgium in joint Occupation with Great Britain . The Postal Office was at Dungu in  UELE  Region of Lado . The Occupation of Lado till todate is under Belgium and Britain in Africa since 1947 , Lado’s Indepenence has not yet been relinguished by them –  (  Belgium and Britain ) .

2 )   Colonial Flag of Great Britain’s  over Lado / Lado Enclave – (1894 -1906

Present Flags of Lado in the process of Decolonisation of Lado now


Flag of The Freedom Fighters 

Map of Lado with Countries Surrounding it

Detail Map of Lado with Surrouding Countries to it and the 29 Tribes  ( the Population People )  of Lado


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